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ClubWise Workout Planner

Your members confident, coached and connected.


The ClubWise workout planner, available soon via the IOS member app, provides the perfect platform to support and coach your members at every point in their fitness journey.


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What are the key features of the workout planner?

  • The workout planner integrates seamlessly with ClubWise, and your member’s records
  • Push workouts to your members’ smartphone at any point, alternatively you can schedule workouts to appear automatically at key points via Active CRM
  • Choose pre-set workout plans, or edit the template for a member to use.
  • Each workout, even if it is not completed,  is recorded and uploaded to the member profile in real time

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What are the benefits for the members?

  • Workouts are downloaded on to the app meaning they can be used even when there is no internet connection
  • Workouts can be set by reps or time, allowing the member to choose a plan and adjust it to suit their schedule
  • The planner is simple yet sophisticated, allowing minimal contact, simply pressing a button once to start a workout and once again to finish
  • A coach button can be pressed at any point during the workout. This gives help with technique and form
  • A range of alternative exercises can be selected for each muscle group, ensuring that workouts don’t become repetitive and boring
  • The app features a zoom function allowing members to see the technique up close or from alternative angles


The ClubWise IOS app is coming soon. For more information get in touch with the team on 01844 348 300.



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