Using ClubWise Campaign Manager to maximise sales and retention

When you combine your prospect and member database with the flexibility of the campaign manager, the result is an effective tool to maximise sales and retention.


In your prospect database there will be hundreds of people who you spoke to, but who didn’t commit to joining at the time. People’s circumstances change quickly and frequently so it’s always worth creating text and email campaigns to send to old prospects and blow-outs. Use good images and simple messages to remind people why they enquired in the first place and back this up with a clear and simple incentive such as “November is free”, “2-4-1 Joining fees in November when you join with a friend”. Start by selecting old prospects and blowouts from January to June as they will now have a new focus as the kids are back at school and the days grow shorter.



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Don’t forget to use the campaign manager to keep in touch with your members.


There is a direct relationship between the level of engagement that you have with your members and their feeling of brand loyalty. Create simple campaigns to offer incentives to your members for trying PT, buying nutrition products, trying new classes, or introducing a friend. A few simple but effective campaigns to drive retention are;


  • Send a voucher with a genuine value to be redeemed in club against PT or classes or products
  • Send an invitation designed to be passed to a friend or colleague for a “class pass” with a value on it
  • Remind members who joined within the past 3 months of the benefits of Member Rewards



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If you’re not sure how to use campaign manager, you can refer to the user manual in the Help Zone which you’ll find under menu at the top right of the ClubWise screen, or call the support team on 01844 348 300, who can show you how to use Campaign Manager.

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