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Integrated Payments for Gyms

ClubWise’s integrated payment solution for gyms, studios and franchises of all sizes

Integrated Payments

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Fast. Easy. 100% Secure Payment Processing

Streamline your business with ClubWise, an all-in-one club management software.

Finances & Increase

Streamline Your Finances & Increase
Your Revenue

All your club’s finances in a single space.

Get the full picture of your club’s profitability and gain advanced insights into your member behaviour.

Track everything from recurring memberships to one-off payments and secondary spend to help you make smarter business decisions and grow your revenue.

Finances & Increase

Flexibility & Member Convenience

No matter how your members prefer to pay, we’ve got you covered.

Our integrated payment solution supports one-time transactions, recurring card payments, and direct debit collection for maximum efficiency and convenience for your members.

Finances & Increase

Financial Freedom at Your Fingertips

Accept payments by credit/debit card
or cash from anywhere.

Gain financial freedom with payment portals integrated into every area
of your business.

From point-of-sale terminals, website transactions, your front-desk and
even your ClubWise member app.

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ClubWise has made it easier for us to monitor our business’s performance and
determine where to focus our efforts. Our partnership with ClubWise has been
transformative, and we have not looked back since changing over.fca

Derek Jones

(Manager, LivingWell Health Club)


An integrated payment solution seamlessly incorporates payment processing capabilities into an existing software.

ClubWise’s all-in-one gym management solution, for example, enables our customers to collect payment from their members through secure third-party payment providers such as Stripe and Global Payments

ClubWise’s comprehensive fitness payment software offers a streamlined payment processing system for gym and studio owners. With this gym billing system, you can automate the collection of membership payments and manage recurring payments.

ClubWise partners with global payment providers Stripe and Global Payments, providing accessible payment options to over 195 countries worldwide.

It integrates online payments across multiple platforms such as your website, point-of-sale (POS) systems, front desk, and member app. This integration ensures a seamless payment experience for businesses and their customers.

ClubWise enables you to accept payments online, including those made by credit and debit cards. The software also includes options for managing personal training session fees, further enhancing its versatility.

By automating recurring payments and offering sophisticated payment processing tools, ClubWise makes it easier to handle all your payment processes.

Even in cases of missed or failed payments, this payment provider comes with tools that help you address these issues promptly. Therefore, it is an ideal solution for any fitness business looking for a unified and efficient payment system.

A gym software like ClubWise that offers an integrated payment solution allows you to streamline all your financial data into one place, make smarter business decisions, and increase your profitability.

Key advantages include:
– The ability to accept a variety of different forms of payments across multiple channels within your business.
– Financial data security and compliance with industry standards and Financial Conduct Authorities.
– Real-time financial analytics and reporting.
– Increasing financial efficiency, improving cash-flow and identifying key revenue contributing channels across your entire business.

Security is a crucial aspect of integrated payment solutions. Using an integrated payment solution helps to ensure that your gym or studio remains compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) protocols, region-specific financial laws, and offers your customers protection from unauthorized access or fraudulent activities.

ClubWise partners with FCA accredited payment providers Stripe and Global Payments.