Mobile Technology & the Health and Fitness Industry

Technology plays an integral part in our everyday lives and the amount of time we spend with our hands and eyes glued to our smartphones is ever increasing.  There is an app for everything now, from learning a new language to organising a lift share.


But what does this mean for the health and fitness industry, or more specifically gyms and health clubs? Knowledge is power.  Members will be inquisitive, asking about mobile technology and how to utilise it. Being confident to provide informed opinions will make you stand out. Alongside showcasing your up to date knowledge of the industry, it will also reinforce that you are adapting with, and understanding the most up to date ways to enhance your member’s experience.


Technology can help members make the most of their workout, guide them through new exercises and track their workouts, but with technology advancing and the number of smartphone users increasing you may be left wondering if this will lead to a decreased demand for knowledgeable gym staff and personal training sessions. However, there is no reason these elements can’t work together in unison.


Not sure where to start?


What to keep in mind, as a health and fitness professional, when looking for a workout app:


  1. Freedom: An app that gives you the freedom to set, alter and refresh workout programmes at any point in the member journey.
  2. Options: To remain enjoyable and useful a workout app needs to give members multiple exercise options, per muscle group, to stop workout routines getting stagnant and boring.
  3. Accessibility: This is not only vital for the member but is key for you also. Having access to the member information will provide you with a deeper knowledge about what they like, what they are not keen on, areas of focus and how long they usually have to work out.
  4. Integration: For you to get the most out of an app you will need one that works cohesively with your current software. This means that PT programmes, apps, marketing messages and in club events can be communicated in the most streamlined style.


It’s also worth reading up on some of the years best wearable technology, as the popularity of this is ever increasing. Here is a great article we found that gives you all the info you need on the latest and greatest, including which device is best for what you want to track.


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Providing a great member experience is key to retention, and technology is now playing a big part in this. The ClubWise IOS app is coming soon, which will help you to provide a more streamlined service, enhance your connection to your members and help them train more intelligently. The IOS app will also provide your trainers with another platform to reach clients and provide workouts.


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