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Online Joining Workout!

The key to funneling  those prospects towards joining is ensuring it as easy as possible for them to join. It is often said that the most challenging part of sales is not persuading the consumer that the product or service is great, but getting the prospect to cross the line and, essentially, part from their hard earned cash.


ClubWise Makes It Easy

As the world migrates to the cloud and towards slicker technology, where better to be than the forefront? The increase in online services and mobile technology combined with the aggressive competitive landscape means that your club needs to make headway and provide ultimate convenience for joiners.


The paperless, integrated approach is essential to creating a seamless experience for both you and your prospective members. Paperwork means hassle. Paperwork means admin. And worst of all, paperwork means your time is wasted when you could be focusing on what really matters, the member’s themselves. The ClubWise system ensures members can join your club paperlessly anytime anywhere, whilst you can enjoy the possibility of increasing sales up to 5%.


Online joining means that prospects can join whilst out and about on their tablet, smartphone, or at home from their laptop or computer. The online joining module automatically inputs the new member’s information into the in-house system in real-time, which means there is no need for clubs to manually input the member as with some other solutions on the market. We’ll also customise the page suit your club with a) your brand colours, design and images and b) a vanity URL that means your members need never know we are running it behind the scenes.


But where to start? How do I make sure my prospects get to the online joining page? I hear you ask… well it all starts with your homepage.


Powerful Call to Action 

Be sure to use a powerful call to action (CTA). What do you want your prospects to do? Join!! If absolutely nothing else, this is what your website should point towards. If a prospect can see where to join without having to read the rest of the text on your homepage, then you’re on to a winner. All in all, if they are ready to join then the chances are they are happy to by-pass the blurb and will want to cut straight to the chase. Below is a good example of a website run by one of our current customers that clearly direct the user to take action without having to read the jargon, delivering a powerful CTA.



The big yellow banner pretty much says it all. Clear, simple. Enough said.



PARAFIT Cropped homepage




Value Proposition

Regardless of the size of your club, your business should have a value proposition that tells your prospective members why they should join, and depending on the look and feel of your website, it’s usually a good one to feature on your homepage. Here are a few pointers to help you write a good, strong value proposition…

  • Create interest so that your prospective members ask questions and want to learn more
  • Differentiate your offering by highlighting unique selling points (USPs). Perhaps it’s your location? Maybe it’s your approachable PT staff? Contract terms? Low price? Luxurious facilities?
  • Focus on the members’ point of view, what’s important to them?
  • Include demonstrated results by talking to or surveying current members to produce statistics. For example “90% of our members have seen dramatic improvements in their fitness since joining” or “75% of our members feel more confident since joining the gym”


For more information on online joining as well as the entire suite of ClubWise services designed to increase your membership sales and retention with club management software and direct debit collection services, contact us!

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