Going out and about into the local community is the perfect way to get high-quality leads and prospects. For some, your presence may simply serve as a reminder of your facility, for others, it may prompt them to take action on a goal or ambition. Joining a gym may not have even been a consideration of some people that you talk to, but after hearing about all the great things you offer it may become so!


Not been out prospecting before, or looking for new ideas? Here’re our top locations:


  1. Shopping centers
  2. Inside individual shops
  3. Local Business’
  4. Community events
  5. Local markets


This probably goes without saying, but, you must make sure you have permission to do outreaching in the specified area. It’s a far better idea to build good relationships with shops/ local councils than to get in trouble and start off on a bad foot.





Now you have decided where to go prospecting you are ready to head out. Or are you?


First things first, you’ve got to be prepared. After all ‘Preparation is the key to success’! Alexander Graham Bell


It’s a great idea to set yourself targets before you head out. For example, your aim could be to capture 20 prospects details, or to speak to at least 50 people.


To get yourself ready, there are a few materials you might find handy to pull together.


  • Any promotional material you may have. Perhaps you have some brochures or flyers about your events or specific classes
  • Copies of a class timetable may come in handy as classes often prove to be very popular
  • Free class passes, these will be a great resource if a prospect shows interest in a particular class
  • All information about your facility
  • Sign up forms/ tablets to capture all key prospect information, after all of your hard work you don’t want a potential member to leave without giving you any details!
  • Trial passes, for example, 3 free visits – these can serve as great tools to get people through your doors. The best way to utilise these is to ask the prospect to come to your club to ‘activate’ their allocated pass. This is the perfect time to take a name and phone number so that you are able to schedule a follow-up call to arrange the ‘activation’.


It’s also a good idea to make sure you and your team are confident to speak about the key areas of your club and the details your prospect may be interested in. You may think some of these go without saying, but before you head out it’s a good idea to run through the basics:


  • Opening hours
  • The classes you offer, plus the availability of these classes
  • All key facilities
  • All membership options/PT/class costs
  • Staffed hours (if applicable)


You could even perform a few roleplays. The more comfortable you and your staff are interacting with prospects the better!




You and your team want to stand out. Make yourself highly visible and interesting to the eye.


How to help your team stand out:


  • Helium balloons – these are great, fun and can be printed with your logo or eye-catching slogans
  • Wind banners
  • Play music
  • Wear uniform, you want to be easily identifiable
  • Perform activities/ demonstrations – Something simple like the correct form for pushups. Or the benefits a set of squats can have for your entire body
  • Ask a potential prospect to complete a challenge. For example, take their pulse after 30 seconds of lunges.


Our top tips for when you are out and about:


  • Look friendly and approachable
  • Always be polite, even if someone doesn’t extend the same courtesy to you!
  • Look ready to help. If someone is interested in talking to you but you are preoccupied with your phone, the chances are, they won’t bother.
  • Listen, make sure you understand the needs of your potential member
  • Be honest about what you have to offer
  • Ask questions
  • As tempting as it may be, don’t offer too many discounts. You don’t want to devalue your facility by constantly knocking money off. Eventually, people will question whether you are worth the full price.


Now you are ready to go! Remember, you should be well presented and looking at your most approachable.


Good luck and have fun!


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