A Quick Guide to Google Ads: The Fastest Way to Get Found

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A Quick Guide to Google Ads: The Fastest Way to Get Found

Unlike organic, or unpaid, methods of getting found online (e.g., SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a pay-for-play tactic. When you use PPC advertising, your business pays every time someone clicks on one of your online ads.

One of the downsides of PPC ads is that they explicitly say that they’re ads, and consumers aren’t too keen on ads. According to HubSpot Research, 91% of people believe ads are more intrusive now than just two or three years ago. On the other hand, fewer people are using ad blockers in 2020 (41%) than four years ago (52%), so now may be a great time to get started with Google Ads.

The major upside to PPC ads is that they show up at the top of search above organic search results, so if you set your ads up well, you’ll be the first thing that people see when they search. Just think: If you pay $10 per ad click, and the click results in 12-month club membership valued at $600, then PPC is a no brainer.

Getting Started with Google Ads

Google Ads is an effective way of reaching the right people at the right time. Your business gets found by people on Google precisely when they’re searching for the things that you offer. To get started with Google Ads, you follow four simple steps:

Google Ads also comes with a top-notch support team that is on hand to help you at any stage. Whether you need help setting up your campaign or help deciding on your optimum budget, just give them a call and they’ll talk you through it.

How to Set Your Google Ads Budget

You set your own budget, so you could start off with around $100 per month and increase to $200 if your campaigns are generating interest. You’re not tied into a contract, so you can fine-tune your ads or close your account at any time.

Remember: You only pay when someone clicks your ad to visit your website or call. If you’re a first-time Google Ads user, take advantage of introductory offers, such as $150 in ad credits.

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Pro Tip: Spend Time Writing Your Ad Copy

A HubSpot study found that a majority of people agree that today’s online ads don’t look professional and are “insulting to their intelligence.” Avoid looking like the competition by spending time creating high-quality, professional ad copy.

Make sure to use your target keywords thoughtfully, speak to consumers’ challenges, and be clear about what a person will see if they actually click on your ad. For example, if your ad says “Schedule a Tour,” make sure the link they click actually takes them to the “Schedule a Tour” page and not just a “Contact” page.

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