A Quick Guide to Blogging

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A Quick Guide to Blogging

Adding a blog to your website where you post at least one SEO-driven article every week is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in the health and fitness space. Companies that blog regularly see 55% more visitors, which leads to more leads and, more customers in your doors.

High-quality blog content attracts high-quality backlinks and improves your search rankings. Focus on writing informative articles that highlight and address the benefits of regular physical activity, healthy living, and good nutrition.

Here are our top tips for blogging:

Post regularly: A consistent posting schedule will really help your blog grow, and readers like to know when to expect new content. Try to create a rolling 90-day blogging calendar so you don’t have to worry about coming up with new articles.

Write the right content: In addition to varying the topics you cover, never write salesy blog articles that are all about your club. Write for real people and provide helpful, educational, relevant content — not hard sells on why your gym is the best. Focus on articles that are at least 600 words but ideally 800 or more words.

Use keywords: Writing blog articles without having an SEO and keyword strategy is the same as standing still. Your blog content needs to have the right keywords, images, and more to perform well on the web. But don’t forget that you’re writing
for humans first.

Make subscribing easy: Be sure to add a subscribe button to your blog so readers can continue to engage with you and you can build your prospect list.

Promote and share: Share all blog articles to your social media channels, in your newsletters, and even in your email signature. Don’t just write it and forget it!

Optimize your content: Be sure to add keywords with your physical location to improve your search engine ranking. Include local photos and videos (optimized with relevant keywords) to enrich and complement the content.

Get everyone involved: Blogging can be a time-consuming undertaking. Encourage your trainers, instructors, and other staffers to write blog content. Each of them has a unique perspective and voice, and you want your blog to look and sound like your club.

Make content shareable: Add social sharing buttons to each blog article so readers can easily share to social media or forward to friends, family, and colleagues.

Check your work: Make sure that there is one person on staff who reviews each blog article before publishing. Even better if you can hire a copyeditor! The review process ensures that there’s consistency in style and that your content is typo free.

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