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5 Ways ClubWise Can Help Your Club Save Money

5. Member Rewards Referral Program

A member referral program is a great way for fitness clubs to drive acquisition and increase revenue with minimal spend. The Member Rewards Referral Program from ClubWise is a proven, fully automated program that incentivizes referrals by allowing you to set a reduction in membership fees for every new member someone brings in.

In fact, in 2019, 158 independent gyms who used the ClubWise Member Reward Referral Program generated over £1.3 million in referred income for the year. This means, on average, every club earned over £8,000 in revenue as a direct result of our member rewards program!

Save Money with an All-In-One Club Management Solution

When you’re paying multiple providers to run your fitness club, costs can add up quickly. Instead, you can reduce costs with an all-in-one club management solution like ClubWise. Our software will handle your billing, payments, marketing campaigns, staff duties, access control, schedule, rewards programs, data reporting, and so much more.

See how much time and money an all-in-one system can save you and book your free ClubWise demo today!

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