In App Joining

A fast and seamless digital journey, from prospect to engaged member of your club.

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FitSense In App Joining provides your prospects with a seamless journey from signing up to your club straight into your clubs community, where they can instantly immerse themselves in everything your club has to offer, from booking classes, scheduling visits, earning points for rewards and familiarising themselves with your clubs culture.

Presenting the evolution of digital onboarding


  • Prospect joins through FitSense In App Joining
  • Pays any upfront membership costs through secure payment portal
  • Signs membership agreement via Digital Signature technology


  • New Member is automatically registered and logged into their FitSense account
  • New Member is instantly connected with your club's community


  • Sets up profile and experience level
  • Checks out FitSense Rewards which motivates them to get started
  • Schedules first visit and books class


  • Starts earning points and receiving rewards
  • Develops fitness routine
  • Fully integrates into club community

How it Works

Prospects simply download FitSense and select ‘Join a club’
Prospects can either enter your unique club code or scan the QR code, depending on where they are. This will automatically link the
prospect to your club!
After adding their details, your prospect can pay any upfront membership costs directly in the app using their credit or debit card, via the secure in app payment portal. Card details can then be saved in the app and used to make future purchases in the FitSense Store
Your prospects can sign the membership agreement using our digital signature technology or can simply check the box to confirm they agree to the terms and conditions of their new membership agreement
After joining through FitSense, your new member will automatically be registered and logged into their new FitSense account. They can kick off their fitness journey right away by setting up their profile and immersing themselves in your club community through the Fitsense social feed
Your member is now able to gain access to your club using the FitSense QR Code Check In feature, as well as book and attend classes