Version Update 7.73b Released!

Version Update 7.73b Released 12th June 2013

We are excited to present to you the latest version of ClubWise – 7.73b. Whilst this update is primarily made up of small fixes (thank you for the feedback!), there are some slightly more prominent changes we’ve made to provide you and your members with a simpler and easier experience.

ClubWise now provides an easy insight into more of your member’s details. Firstly, when a member checks in, the amount of credit on their account is displayed clearly on the screen and you can now amend the credit limit for each individual via the member management module. Secondly, we can now drill down into age brackets even further, with more categories.

Another of the enhancements is easy visibility of the billing cut-off date in POS. Whilst this has always been available to see once you start to sign up a new member, this new feature allows you to refer to the billing cut off once you have come out of the joining area. Reporting has been improved too, with the simple ability to schedule your reports in a certain format, whether it’s pie chart, bar chart, summary or detailed. And the new ability to make the source field mandatory in prospecting ensures you get all the information you need on your almost members.

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