Updated CW4Members

CW4Members – Optimised for desktop, tablet and smartphone.

We are excited to announce that CW4members has been updated and improved this month. After listening to your feedback we have made the following changes :


Improved calendar view

The full week of of classes or sessions are now shown, rather than just one day. The full week view is now available on tablet, desktop and landscape mode on a mobile phone.


Visibility of class and session capacity

This is a new feature for when a member books in. Members are able to see both the capacity of the session and the amount of spaces that are filled so far, for example (4/10).


Space optimisation

The size of the grey top bar has been reduced, when in landscape mode on a smartphone and buttons have been reduced in size on  a desktop for improved aesthetics.


For more information about about the improvements that have been made to the CW4Members app please do not hesitate to contact us.

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