The Benefits of Your Essential Dashboard…


The ClubWise Essential Dashboard allows you to bring key data into one central hub, rather than viewing individual reports and is now absolutely free for you and your club staff to use.


The free key functions are:


  • Performance
  • Billing
  • Point Of Sale (POS)
  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
  • Breakdown


Each of the above functions provides you with all of the fundamental data you can use to improve you business in each of the relevant areas.




This area displays all of your clubs performance based KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). Figures and data such as memberships sold, renewed memberships and members leaving the club.  It takes the particular area you need to look at in more detail and populates reports and charts that let you see how your clubs been performing over the last 12 months.


Checking up on how the different areas of your club are performing takes about as much time as it does to down an early morning coffee before your first appointment!


The Performance page displays your clubs current performance in each area against the KPI targets you have set and the percentage of that target you have reached. This way you can easily see where you are doing well and what areas you might need to work on more – business made easy.




This area shows you the key information on your billing cycle, including your DD collections, represents and movements. You can also see KPI’s based on your average yield, DD success rate, rejections and pending payments to name a few.


Point Of Sale (POS)


POS enables you to breakdown your daily takings by which items were sold, which staff member sold them and which payment method was used. This gives you a better understanding of your members spending behaviour and your key sales people within the business.


Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)


The CRM function gives you access to all the results from the SMS and email campaigns you have sent out so you can review the results and keep track of any useful analysis.


Getting feedback from your CRM campaigns means you can understand which communications are working for you and which aren’t. The tool allows you to access instant, detailed reports and charts for your exact requirements using the filters. An example of this would be setting your filters to view the specific emails that were sent out on the 12th of the month, how many went out, what time they went out, if they were delivered, opened and even look at the exact email or text that was sent.




There is a huge variety of data you can collate from Breakdowns. Benefit from a deeper insight into your staff and member behaviour and statistics to effectively manage your processes and steer your focus. For example, looking at something as simple as a pie chart containing the postcodes of all your members and where they live can help you identify the likely catchment area for new prospects.


You can even take a look at how your sales team are getting on with prospecting. Simply click the way you want the information displayed and what specific information you need – in this case it could be ‘Sales Person’ and ‘Current Prospects’.


The main purpose of Dashboard is to give you the data to help you maximise your clubs performance, while making your workload easier.


To learn more about how to get the most out of your essential dashboard functions and how to upgrade to the full KPI dashboard, contact our Support Team on 01844 348300 or click below.


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