Significant Enhancements to the Most Popular ClubWise Features! Software Update Release: ClubWise Version 7.73a

ClubWise upgrades Club Management Software

We are very excited to share with you the release of the latest and greatest ClubWise, Version 7.73a. This much anticipated upgrade provides a whole host of vast improvements to help you to make your business great! Besides the minor tweaks and fixes, the most prominent advances are:


ClubWise Promotional Code

Promotion codes

Promotion codes (also known as source codes or coupon codes) are an easy and unique way to identify a targeted promotion online. ClubWise have now made this service more flexible than ever by allowing you to link an offer to reduce or eliminate Direct Debit fees, joining fees, pro-rata fees or fees for a set period to one or more membership products. This effective marketing tool allows you to increase the number of sign ups to your gym, as well as improve your retention. Limited time offer? No problem. Enter a start and end date for the validity of your promotion.


ClubWise Biometrics

Improved Biometrics

ClubWise understand that when staff are constantly entering and leaving your club site, your visitor numbers can appear slightly skewed. By registering your staff through biometrics without setting up complimentary memberships, visibility of member usage through the day will be more accurate and useful than ever before. Also, see which members of staff are on site at any time!
In addition to this, we now continually monitor your biometric system to check all is working sufficiently, and to ensure any issues are efficiently and effectively diagnosed and dealt with – providing you with confidence and peace of mind.


ClubWise Campaign Manager

Schedule Your Campaigns

So, you have a fantastic promotion, you know the date it is going live, you have a particular date in mind that you want to tell your customers about it, there is only one problem… you’re not around. Fear not! Now, you can schedule your campaigns well in advance. So whether you unexpectedly have to take a day sick, or you’re living it up in the Bahamas, you’ll always get your message to your members.


ClubWise Campaign Manager - Fitness Class Group message

Class Communications

ClubWise have just made it easier to keep your members happy. Avoid having people turn up to cancelled classes and sessions by keeping them in the loop with class communications. Automatically send all the class sign-ups an SMS text message via the ClubWise system. Simple!


Have you upgraded already?

Let us know what you think of the new features by commenting below, via social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) or you can email us [email protected]

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