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Prospecting Workout!

How many of your prospects are slipping through the net?

So, you’ve got a million and one things to do, enquiries are flying in left right and centre (hooray!) and your prospects are deciding whether start making headway on their fitness journey. The question is, how are you ensuring the optimum amount of sales are being closed?


We spoke to one of our clubs, and asked how they use ClubWise Active CRM and Task List to help them do just that…


So talk us through exactly how you use Active CRM & Task List on a day to day basis…


Well, the first thing we do at the start of our shifts is to call out to our prospects. Each of the office staff set aside about 2 hours per day to make the calls that appear on the task-list – automated by the ClubWise system. Each of us aim to make at least 45 calls in those 2 hours. Before each call we check the notes from the previous point of contact to make sure we have the full information. We like to know what their fitness goals are, their reasons for enquiring in the first place and if they have already had a tour, and if so what their thoughts are. By obtaining this information, we are able to sell better. After each call, we add more notes and ensure we schedule the next action. The ClubWise system is particularly good for managers from this perspective, as it allows us to monitor the call out performance of the sales staff.


We are pretty persistent in our call out routine. When we call a prospect we try not to chase down too much, we call a maximum of twice a day, and if there is no response we will often follow it up with an email or text to let them know we’ve tried to contact them.


I think it’s really important to keep touching base with our prospects and taking notes to build a picture of their overall goals and fitness interests, it’s the difference between them feeling like another number going through the turnstile and being reminded that the gym is a place where the staff care if you use the facilities and have a genuine passion for keeping people fit and helping them work towards their fitness goals.


ClubWise Note: Task list allows you to specify any method of communication for future action with your prospects, not just a follow up call. Tailor your communications to suit your club, and schedule a limitless amount of communications. If you prefer to send an email, text or letter at a particular point, rather than call that’s fine! You can schedule your communications to go to a prospect at any point in their journey. Texts and emails are automatically ushered through the ClubWise Campaign Manager, and the calls are automatically added to your daily task list. It couldn’t be easier! 


Also, the KPI dashboard is accessible to managers to keep an eye on the performance of sales staff. Managers can view call stats, see the success by conversion percentage from call to appointment and also understand if prospects have “No Future Date Set”, which means there has been no follow up action specified. Obviously, there will be prospects that lose interest, but rather than add them to the list of “No Future Date Set”, we can class them as Blow-Outs and they are removed from all future prospect related actions.


For further information on the benefits of ClubWise when prospecting, and how to use Active CRM and Task List, please get in touch.


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