ClubWise Outreach Workout Comic Strip - The story of Location Intelligence and how it aids outreach


Outreach Workout!

Outreach is an essential part of the sales process, which is why you need to work smarter, not harder.


Location Intelligence allows you to find out where your members and prospects are. This tool gives you all the information you need to plan your marketing campaigns more effectively street-by-street and even house-by-house. Google Maps show you where your current membership live, where your hot prospects live and which postcodes you need to target next. Targeting new prospects has never been so easy.


“So how can I make this work for my club?” Easy peasy! We asked one of our customers how it works for them, and how it could work for you too…


How do you use Location Intelligence?

We used it a lot for pre-sales, and in the first 6 months of opening. After doing some outreach on the high street, finding some prospects and pre-selling some memberships we looked at where these people lived and figured that there would be more people in those areas that would find the gym at least convenient, so we targeted those areas.


After the club had opened, we used it for another promotion called “Fit Street”, where we identified the street with the most members and named them the fittest street in the area, and put on a promotional deal for a free guest pass for those on the street that weren’t yet members. This got people through the door and gave us the opportunity to talk to them further.


ClubWise note: Another way this tool can be useful, is not just seeing where members are, but where they are not. Location Intelligence helps you to understand your reach and communication parameters and allows you to investigate the reasons for the limitations. For example, there is another gym very close by, the area is not as affluent and is less likely to have a disposable income, or perhaps this is an area popular with commuters that may join a gym close to work rather than home.


How do you outreach, and what benefits does location intelligence provide?

We send people door to door with flyers every now and again. Location Intelligence allows us to target the right places so we know we’re not wasting our time on areas we know people are going to be less interested. When we’re on a tight budget, this works out really effective. Besides print and promotion costs, even man-hours cost money so if we’re spending our time in the right places we’re more likely to get the best return on investment.


ClubWise note: As you can see from our customer, Location Intelligence not only tells you where you should be targeting, but enables you to maximise your campaign to ensure your money is spent in the right places. Whilst return on investment (ROI) might sound like some smarty pants technical term, used and worked out by the bankers and mortgage brokers of this world, it’s really not. We use it in marketing all the time and it’s not only easy to do but a powerful way to understand how successful your marketing campaign has been. We’ve created a campaign ROI calculator that you can use for any of your marketing ventures, allowing you to find out where your marketing and advertising budgets are most effective and which channels are worth pursuing in the future. Download the ClubWise Campaign ROI Calculator to understand the success of your campaigns.


In what other ways do you outreach to potential members?

We are lucky to have our gym located near the high street and shopping centre, so we pop out once a week with a stall and flyers and hand them out to the general pubic, as well as talk about the gym facilities and any offers we have on.


ClubWise note: Online joining from ClubWise now enables the team to sign members up, amend pricing if needs be and show presentations on their iPads when they are out and about, ensuring you capture all the members you can and optimise your time spent on outreach.


COMING SOON: ClubWise4Selling Mobile App – due this October.

ClubWise4Selling is perfect for outreach, and when you are on the go. This enables you and your team to capture the information of prospects wherever you are. It also allows sales staff to see current prospects, see the actions and appointments for the day and also view performance.


For more information on Location intelligence and how ClubWise can help you maximise your outreach, please do not hesitate to contact us

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