October campaigns

This month’s campaign is designed to be used in the lead up to the Halloween weekend.


The campaign features a special PT, joining offer. Not only is a great way to attract new members, but it will also highlight the benefit of personal training. This is also a great way to get your new members off to a great start, after all, the more a member engages with your facility and staff, the less likely they are to leave!


Just because this is the offer in the campaign it doesn’t mean you are limited to this. After all, all campaigns are fully editable! That means you can offer whatever suits your facility best. Simply open the campaign and edit however you please!


You can find the campaign, with a choice of two images, by searching ‘Halloween 2016 1’ and ‘Halloween 2016 2’ now.


Also, don’t forget to add your social links to the bottom of the email!

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