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Biometric Readers (otherwise known as fingerprint scanners) are a great way of creating a seamless, simple check in system for your club without the hassle of membership cards or fobs.


Biometric solutions from ClubWise


Always looking to make life easier for you, we have worked to make sure you have the best choice by removing any of the potential stumbling blocks. In the past, associated costs may have been a consideration that kept clubs using their older check-in system. By providing the option to remove the access control element from biometrics, we are able to provide a much more cost effective option with a cost of around £150 to purchase.


The newly integrated USB reader is the ideal solution for clubs that would like to take advantage of all the benefits of biometrics for checking their members in, but without the requirement for the access control.


The USB reader is quick and easy to set up, and because it is designed to integrate perfectly with ClubWise you simply plug in and play.


The new USB reader has a ‘Live Finger Detection’ function built in that prevents the use of any fake finger prints and copycat prints. It will also adapt to the conditions of the fingerprint, for example wet, sweaty, dry or blurred.


The benefits of biometrics include:

  • Greater club security – There is no risk of non-members getting hold of a membership card from their friends or family (Unless they manage to get hold of their finger for a day!)
  • Enhanced Member Experience – Your members don’t have to worry about remembering a thing. This means that your members can come and go as they please without the hassle of rummaging through a bag or pocket for a card or a fob.
  • Save Money – Although you need to buy the scanner initially, it will immediately start to save you money by not having to repeatedly order new membership cards.


For more information on our new USB biometric reader, setting it up as a Check-In option, or on the full Access Control system, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.


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