June Campaign

June campaign available now


Find your new campaign in campaign manager by searching ‘June referral’.


This months’ campaign encourages members to bring a friend along to your club. There is also an added incentive for the friend to join.


Encouraging your members to bring a friend along is a great idea. It gives you the perfect platform to highlight all the great areas of your club, from something as simple as the way you welcome them at reception, to all the great facilities you offer!


Here are a few tips to help you boost your referrals:


  • Promote your referral scheme and the benefits of referring a friend. After all, who doesn’t want money off of their membership!
  • Provide opportunities, such as in this months’ campaign, to bring a friend along for free. This really is a great way to get prospects through the door. Perhaps making these more regular could prove to be successful for your club.
  • Build upon your relationship and rapport with your current members. The happier they are with your service the more likely they are to refer a friend or family member.


Check out our top ten member retention tips and our guide to overcoming leaving reasons.

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