Ex-Member Campaign, March 2016

Ex- Member campaign available now.


This month’s campaign is targeted towards your ex-members. The email campaign offers your valued ex-members an exclusive deal, that applies for the month of March only. Adding a limited time scale on this offer will add a sense of urgency and generate a response.


Why target ex-members?


Ex-member campaigns are often very successful as people’s personal situation and circumstances are constantly changing. An ex-member who perhaps left due to financial restrictions may now be in a position to return. For others’ the campaign may simply serve as a reminder of what they could be doing to improve their health and fitness.


The professionally copy-written emails feature two high-quality stock images to choose from.


The email includes a choice of deals for you to offer your ex-members; pay no joining fee/ get the rest of the month free/ pay no joining fee and get the rest of the month free! That’s a saving of £xx.xx. It is important to edit the campaign to feature the deal you wish to use and ensure the selected deal reads properly.


Simply search ‘Exmember March 1’ & ‘Exmember March 2’ in your campaign manager module to find your campaigns! 


Don’t forget to add your social links to the bottom of your campaign!

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