European Week of Sport and National Fitness Day 2015

This month the UK are taking part in the European Week of Sport for the first time.


The Week of Sport aims to raise activity levels with hundreds of events taking place all across Europe. Throughout the month of September 28 EU member states are taking part and will be joined by Turkey, Macedonia, Iceland, Norway and Lichtenstein. The official opening will take place in Brussels on the 7th of September. 

The campaign not only aims to improve activity levels but also to build stronger, more inclusive communities where people come together regardless of age, gender or race. The campaign is to show that physical activity is not only fun but has many health benefits of which people may be unaware, for example: regular exercise contributes to a better quality of sleep and a more productive day.


National Fitness Day falls in the middle of the European Week of Sport, on September the 9th.


National Fitness Day encourages health and fitness clubs, gyms and leisure facilities to run free ‘Power Half Hours’ in support of the cause. These sessions are not only fun for current members but also a great time to showcase your club! Inviting prospects or asking current members to bring a friend or family member along could be a real boost to member referrals!

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We have uploaded two campaigns into your campaign manager module. The first is a European Week of Sport email, this is to alert members of the special week and any exciting events you may be running. The second is a National Fitness Day Email. This is to tell members and prospects the details of any free ‘Power Half Hours’ you may be running.


The campaigns are in your campaign manager module now, titled Euro Sport Week and National Fitness Day. For more information or help using your campaign please contact us on 01844 348 300.

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