CW4Members – resetting a password, January 2016

CW4Members is a great way for your members to manage their own membership. They can amend their personal details, see their account statement and even check their membership details if they want to. Members can also refer friends simply by logging in, and clicking the refer a friend option, manage their own class bookings and much, much more.


Occasionally, we get asked about how to reset the password for a member so they can log in to the Member App.


If it is easier to just give them the current password for their account, these details can be found in Front > Members and locate the member you need. The email address for them to log in with is under the Personal tab. The Password for their Member app account is under Office Use > Member app. Here you can also see when they last accessed the Member app and prohibit access if you need to. To re-set the password, simply clear the text from the box and type in the new password.


Step 1

CW4Members email V3


Step 2

CW4Members find password V2


If they want to reset the password themselves, that’s just as simple and just as quick.


Ask the member to click on the “Forgot my Password” link at the bottom. Then, just fill in the details and click email my password at the bottom of the screen. Their password will be emailed directly to them and they should then be able to log in.


CW4Members password V2


For more information or help re-setting a members password please contact the friendly team on 01844 348 300.

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