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CW4Members promotional email, January 2016

Are your members making the most of the app yet?


Make sure your members have the best accessibility to session booking, referrals and reviewing their account via the CW4Members web app.


The promotional email gives your members a step by guide to adding your member app to their smartphone home screen, making sure the app is both easy and quick to access. This enables members to book into classes, review their membership details and even refer a friend when on the go. All of these features are great for keeping members engaged, making their experience streamlined and improving your retention.


The email features a simple and easy to follow guide for both Android and iOS devices.


Email available now in your campaign manager module. To find the email simply search ‘CW4Members app’ in your campaign manager module.

For more information about CW4Members or help using your campaign please contact us on 01844 348 300 alternatively email [email protected]

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