Content to share, September

This month’s content to share includes how to aid your post workout recovery, a killer fifteen minute routine and meal prep tips.

  1. Plums are in season this month, check out this list of benefits of eating them

11062122 - red plum fruit isolated on white background

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2. Looking for a high intensity workout that uses every muscle? look no further 

45175361 - young woman doing pilates, working on abdominal muscles. muscular female doing core workout in the gym.

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3. Check out this simple that move that will work your abs whilst standing

47596181 - fitness sexy woman showing abs and flat belly. beautiful muscular girl, shaped abdominal, slim waist

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4. Thinking about meal prep? Take a look at these ideas

37449217 - homemade healthy salad in glass jar

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5. Bored of lunging? Try these variations 

40037137 - athletic woman warming up doing weighted lunges with dumbbells workout exercise for butt legs at home healthy lifestyle sport bodybuilding concept.

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6.  Did you know dead-lifts have all these benefits?

29352977 - two men taking deadlifts at crossfit center. weight workout at the gym.

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7. Bored of the same breakfast every day? Here is some healthy inspiration…

43849740 - avocado egg open sandwiches on whole grain bread with tomatoes on paddle board with rustic wood table

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8. Looking to boost your mood? You know exercise is great for that right?

39465734 - fitness lifestyle of young couple

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9. Aid your body’s recovery after a gruelling workout by following these tips

41479411 - organic apples and peanut butter to snack on

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10. Only got 15 minutes to workout? That’s all you need for this routine! 

46344473 - sport concept, push up instruction - beautiful woman doing push up exercise on yoga mat isolated on white background

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