Content to share, October

Below is this month’s round up of great content to share with your members, including a variety of Halloween themed fun, great recipes and awesome workouts.


  1. With Halloween around the corner you may be wondering what to do with your leftover pumpkins, wonder no more. Here are some great savoury recipes 



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2. Short for time? Check out this 7minute, full body workout

40332398 - fit woman doing side plank on white background

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3. With colder temperatures on the horizon it’s time to get the slow cooker out again. Here are some great nutritional soup recipes

47240295 - roasted pumpkin and carrot soup with cream and pumpkin seeds on white wooden background. copy space

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4.  Ladies, looking to work on your shoulders, but not sure how? Check this guide out 

55578320 - young sporty woman doing exercises with dumbbells in the gym, dumbbell bench press

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5. Want to add mass to your legs? Give these workouts a go

16408648 - man working out in a fitness club

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6. Looking for pre and post workout advice? Take a look at this handy guide

11161670 - rice steamed with chicken soup at thailand

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7. Make your abs feel the burn with this ‘Six Pack Burnout’

44816071 - muscular woman doing abdominal crunch at the crossfit gym

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8. Are you going to fit in a workout this weekend? Here’s a not so scary Halloween inspired routine to try

42871572 - step by step instructions: stand with your feet shoulder, width apart and place your hands behind your head. (a) squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor, then explode off upward, jumping as high as you can. (b)

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9. Check out these stretches to help you stay injury free

56194081 - foam roller exercise explanation and execution with a trainer.

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10. Combat candy craving this Halloween with these fun, healthy alternatives

44662542 - healthy halloween treats, banana ghosts and orange pumpkins, on a plate with holiday decor

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