Content to share, November 2016

This month’s round up of great content to share including an awesome ab move, a short but intense leg workout and the healthier way to do comfort food!


  1. This month red cabbage is in season. Here’s a great winter salad recipe to try

50426011 - red cabbage


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2. Need tips to stay motivated to make it to the gym this winter? Check these out

10957320 - group of people at the gym exercising on the xtrainer machines

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3. Are you doing the dead bug regularly? You probably should be!

48482954 - fitness female woman with muscular body, do her workout, abs, abdominals

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4. Darker evenings making you crave comfort food? Take a look at these healthier versions of your favourites

38376193 - homemade margarita flatbread pizza with tomato and basil

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5. Ladies, want to build muscle in your back and shoulders? Here’s a routine you should check out

41075858 - beautiful woman doing push up exercise on yoga mat isolated on white background

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6. New to the gym? Not sure what a super set is, or what a plyometric exercise is? This guide has you covered! 

38969706 - tough stamina training for two young stunning fitness models doing squats together indoors.

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7. A 7 minute workout for stronger legs. Sounds good right?

37262695 - young slim beautiful girl doing squat, fitness exercises for hips and buttocks

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8. Trying to add more protein to your diet? Have you checked out which vegetables are best to help you achieve your goal? 

13041201 - green peas pile on white

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9. Ready to work your entire body? This is the workout for you

24327653 - image of young attractive female doing kettle bell exercise on grey background. fitness woman working out. crossfit exercise.

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10. Change in season affecting your motivation to workout? Give this a read!

44195522 - young healthy couple relaxing after workout in the gym with happy facial expressions.

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