Content to share, May 2017

This months round up of great content to share with your members, including motivation to workout, meal prep ideas and a cross fit inspired workout.


  1. Know what moves to include in your cool down? Here are some that are great after any workout. 

45529878 - beautiful sporty fit yogini woman practices yoga asana balasana (child's pose) - resting pose or counter asana for many asanas in studio

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2. Got 15 minutes? Give this cross fit inspired workout a try

76421703 - group of people exercising in gym

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3. Here are four plank variations to add to your workout

45719711 - fit girl in plank position on mat at home in the living room exercise for back spine and posture concept pilates fitness sport

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4. Kettle bell workouts for strength, cardio and fat loss

58989415 - full length of determined friends lifting kettlebells in gym

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5. A great full body workout from the Tone It Up Girls

12611655 - gym crossfit woman working out doing push-ups strength training smiling happy during crossfit workout young mixed race fitness model training in fitness center

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6. Great ways to make your breakfast a bit healthier

57938359 - avacado, bread, bacon and egg with salad in plate on table, closeup top view flat lay

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7. Simple ways to clean up your diet

44693362 - vegetables on wood. bio healthy food, herbs and spices. organic vegetables on wood

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8. Healthy and easy snack ideas to stop you snacking on the wrong stuff 

48700131 - red and white grapes in basket on garden table

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9. New to meal prep? Check these tips out

16060566 - macedoine prepared for sale in a market

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10. Sometimes motivation to workout is hard to come by. Struggling today? Here are some handy tips

43276458 - smiling women exercising at gym on a mat and looking at camera, fitness and workout concept

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