Content to share, March 2017

This months round up of great content to share with your members including a full body workout using just a medicine ball, high protein wrap recipes and a boxing inspired workout.


1. A full body workout using just a bench? That’s right! Prepare yourself, its tough…

46425694 - feel that burn! a fit, sporty young woman is sitting in profile on a bench in profile, lifting weights with one hand, while resting her elbow on her knee.

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2. With Easter round the corner its hard not to indulge. check out these healthy treats for kids…and parents too!

54344178 - delicious chocolate easter eggs and sweets on wooden background

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3. Do You rely on energy drinks? Why not give one of these recipes a try and have a homemade version?

38917270 - green smoothie

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4. All you need is a medicine ball for this full body workout

48565557 - work out fitness woman doing sit ups abs abdominal crunches core exercises with medecine ball

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5. Up for something a bit different? Why not try this boxing inspired workout?

40037159 - active sportive athletic woman boxing dumbbells pumping up muscles towards camera in bright room concept fitness sport training lifestyle.

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6. Struggling to get enough fruit and veg in your diet? Here’s a handy tip!

46966411 - fresh broccoli and vegetables ingredients and seasoning for tasty vegetarian cooking on rustic wooden background, top view. diet or vegan food concept.

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7.Want to eat seasonably? Here’s whats at its best this month

48842283 - cabbage and cutted cabbage on wooden

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8. High protein snacks that are portable too

27370739 - healthy roasted seasoned chick peas with different spices

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9. How long should a HIIT session really last?

60177321 - fit woman working out with battle ropes at a gym

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10. What about a wrap? These are high protein and quick to prepare

31219295 - chicken wrap in tortilla with sauce and mesclun mix

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