Content to share, January 2016

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Content to share, January 2016

This month’s round up of content to share with your members including an introduction to HIIT training and breakfast bowl inspiration.


1. Bored of the same breakfast every day? Check out these great breakfast bowls.



2. The new year is upon us and with January comes a selection of vegetables that are now in season. Why not take a look at this handy info graphic that shows you which veg is in season each month.



3. Carrot and kale juice.Why not give it a try?



4. New to exercise or started a new routine for 2016? Check out these tips to help you stay on track and keep you motivated.



5. Interested in HIIT training? Take a look at this guide and twenty minute workout.



6. Want to target your lower body and build on your power? Check out this MMA style workout.





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