Content to share, February 2017

This month’s round up of great content to share with your members, including a workout that needs two, some healthy sandwich ideas and a ten minute routine for your legs.


  1. Savoy cabbage is in season this month. Why not give this recipe a try? 

42214081 - single head of savoy cabbage over rustic wooden background

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2. Been working out hard lately? Here are some ways to help ease those sore muscles.

51546196 - handsome athletic young man doing side planking with foam roller on his thigh.

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3. What are you up to this Valentines day? Whether its with a partner or friend why not try this workout that takes two?

39239019 - group of two active sportive women practicing the side plank exercise hand up yoga class in a gym.

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4. Tasty and health meals, with the added bonus – you only need one pot! 

59851288 - pan of frittata with spinach, tomatoes and cheese on wooden table

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5. Here’s a guide to HIIT training for beginners. 

38969706 - tough stamina training for two young stunning fitness models doing squats together indoors.

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6. Looking for high protein recipes that will keep you full? Take a look at these great ideas.

44101295 - eggplant and zucchini stuffed with meat, vegetables, cheese and baked in a "boat" form served on plate over blue wooden tabletop

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7. Got ten minutes going spare? Work your legs out with these moves.

69871003 - women training their glutes by doing bridging exercise on mats in gymnasium

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8. Work your whole body with these moves.

44816084 - muscular woman doing abdominal crunch at the crossfit gym

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9. Not keen on lunges? Do you know all of the health benefits that come with doing them?

40037137 - athletic woman warming up doing weighted lunges with dumbbells workout exercise for butt legs at home healthy lifestyle sport bodybuilding concept.

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10. Bored of the same boring lunch everyday? Check out these healthy sandwich ideas.

12925098 - a turkey club sandwhich cut in halves with selective focus

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