Content to share, December 2016

This months round up of great content to share including a great, healthy way to use up leftover turkey and a workout that will work your whole body in just 5 moves.


  1. Want to work on your shoulders and back, but not sure how? This beginners guide has it all covered.

38718094 - pretty young woman training in the gym

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2. ‘Tis the season for sprouts! Not keen? Check out these ways to change them up!

22613462 - fried brussel sprouts with ham and onions

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3. See yourself over indulging this holiday season? Here’s a metabolism boosting workout to help you combat this.

37721807 - female doing dumbbell deadlifts isolated in white

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4. Going away this Christmas? Just because you cant get to the gym doesn’t mean you cant workout! Here’s a body weight workout you can do anywhere!

37262695 - young slim beautiful girl doing squat, fitness exercises for hips and buttocks

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5. Looking forward to Christmas dinner, but don’t want to obliterate your macros? Check this guide to making you dinner a bit healthier.

48215802 - thanksgiving dinner table served with turkey, decorated with bright autumn leaves

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6. Want to work on your thighs? Check these moves out

40037137 - athletic woman warming up doing weighted lunges with dumbbells workout exercise for butt legs at home healthy lifestyle sport bodybuilding concept.

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7. Thinking about getting fit in January? Why wait?

40332310 - fit woman doing press up on mat on white background


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8. Interested in Yoga? Check out this beginners guide to poses.

43880685 - bridge pose sporty woman doing fitness workout yoga stretching gymnastics exercise

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9. Work your body using these five moves.

16847736 - a dumbell hold in a hand of an athlete

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10. Looking for a new healthy way to use up leftover turkey? Give this soup a try!

50965886 - chicken noodle soup with carrots and green onions on wooden table

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