Content to share, August

This month’s round-up of great content to share with your members includes a battle rope workout, tips to make sure you are getting the most of your workout and a quick and healthy lunch recipe that’ll be your go-to this summer.


    1. Off on holiday this month? Just pack a resistance band or two and you can do this great workout anywhere you fancy!

20560252 - fitness girl training at beach with elastics resistance bands. fit sporty woman strength training biceps outdoors using elastic. mixed race asian caucasian sport model outside working out.

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2. Not sure what to do with the battle ropes? Check out these awesome moves!

17050643 - crossfit battling ropes at gym workout fitness exercise

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3. Work your whole body with this tough Kettle Bell workout

29891766 - woman holding pink kettlebell over shoulder, outdoor sport

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4. Fuel your morning workout with these great breakfast ideas

30961497 - apple banana cinnamon smoothie

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5. Enjoying the Olympics? Why not check out these tips from team USA athletes?

38584499 - beautiful woman tying shoelaces at gym

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6. Ready to feel the burn? Try these lower ab moves. 

54131946 - top view of a young woman keeping her legs raised and doing crunches at the gym

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7. How’s your deadlift form? Check out these tips and make sure you aren’t making any mistakes

42329412 - portrait of a three muscular athletes lifting a barbell

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8. A quick and healthy lunch that’ll be your go to this summer

41924505 - healthy fresh watermelon salad with mint and cucumber

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9. Check these tips out, they’ll make sure you are getting the most out of your workout12611612 - gym woman working out drinking water smiling happy standing by moonwalker fitness machines. beautiful fit young mixed race caucasian / chinese asian female fitness model inside in fitness center.

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10. Want to try HIIT training but limited by time? Here are three awesome beginner workouts that won’t take you long at all! 

24382120 - gorgeous brunette warming up and doing some push ups a the gym

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