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This months roundup of great content to share with your members including a partner routine, a way to add vegetables to your breakfast and a guide to stretching out aches.


  1. Do you train with your partner? Give this routine a go

10269947 - couple in the gym, rivaling each other, exercising with dumbbells

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2. Tension in your neck, hips or back? Here are some stretches to help

16502538 - group doing stretching exercises in back training class in a fitness center

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3. Hit a plateau? Here’s some handy advice

51726261 - low section of person standing on weighing scale

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4. Ready to work on your abs? Here are some moves to challenge you

39239019 - group of two active sportive women practicing the side plank exercise hand up yoga class in a gym.

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5. Tips to help you get the most of any workout

44614156 - coffee cup and coffee beans on wooden background. top view.

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6. Spring greens are in season this month, why not change it up and add them to your breakfast and get a veg hit in first thing?

43231618 - closeup of plate with one piece of fresh made frittata, bread, and tomatoes. pan with frittata with baby kale, sundried tomatoes, and goat cheese in background.

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7. ‘Glutes on point’ your goal? Check this out

37721807 - female doing dumbbell deadlifts isolated in white

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8. Target your lower and upper abs with these moves

69871003 - women training their glutes by doing bridging exercise on mats in gymnasium

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9. It’s all about the snack life right? Check out these high protein ideas

26323641 - boiled eggs

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10. Ache from your last workout? Not sure if you should hit the gym again? Take a look at this

41623520 - active young woman and man running on treadmill in gym

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