Christmas & New Year campaigns, December 2015

Christmas & New Year campaigns available now in your campaign manager module. 

You can now find four Christmas campaigns named:

  • Christmas Prospect
  • Christmas Gift
  • Christmas Referral
  • Christmas Member




You can also find three New Year campaigns named:

  • New Year Prospect
  • New Year Referral
  • New Year Member



New Year


The Christmas templates include a prospect email, member referral email, gift vouchers email and member merry Christmas email.

The New Year templates include a prospect email, member referral email and a happy New Year email.

All campaign emails feature professionally copywritten text and high-quality stock images. The Christmas stock images have a festive theme. All templates are fully editable allowing you to add or amend offers to suit your club and what you are offering.


Don’t forget to add your social media links to drive engagement! 


Have you used any of your winter campaigns yet?


For more information or help using your campaigns please contact the friendly support team on 01844 348 300 more email [email protected]



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