A guide to prospect mailing

The success of your sales process is dependent upon creating enough prospects to present to on a daily basis.


The greatest challenge is generating enough new prospects. New prospects are generally the most valuable, particularly if they have been properly qualified; that is to say you know that they have an interest and the means to join your club. As you know, not all prospects join and if you are managing your prospect database effectively you will be continuously reviewing the status of all prospects and changing the status between “hot” “prospect” and “blow out” based upon the length of time since they were first entered on the prospect database and the level of commitment that they express form your communications with them in the prospecting process. Following this process will ensure that your sales team are only ever working on those prospects that are most likely to become members.


As part of the sales process, you can use Campaign Manager in ClubWise to communicate with these prospects in order to increase your chances of converting them.



We should not ignore old prospects in the sales process. Just because a prospect did not join at the first point of contact it doesn’t mean that they will never join. People’s circumstances and motivations change frequently so it is always worth sending new promotions to old prospects as it might find them in the right frame of mind to respond.


In ClubWise Campaign Manager you have the ability to send email and SMS campaigns to members and prospects. You can select an existing campaign template, edit and existing template or create a new campaign.

Good reasons to send campaigns to prospects are;

  •  Create urgency to close out an offer by sending email and SMS campaigns to Hot Prospects in the last 48 hours of the offer.


  • Create scarcity for an offer by sending an email or SMS campaign to all prospects notifying them of a “limited offer” such as “only 10 memberships available”.


  • Increase responsiveness by creating a “count down campaign”. The countdown might be reducing time of availability for an offer or the number of memberships or the value of an offer ie; 24 hours to go, 18 hours to go, 12 hours to go to the end of the offer.


  • Inform prospects of changes to your facilities or services. Create a campaign when you add new type of membership, buy new equipment or add a new studio or new classes or a boot camp or a nutrition programme. In this instance you can choose to use the filters in the Campaign Manager “review list” option (in the Office tab) to select prospects by joining reason.


To make the most of your prospect campaigns use the options in the “Review List” function to select those prospects that the campaign is most relevant to.


Once you have selected or created the campaign email or SMS select “Review List”. From this list you can select All prospects, Blow outs or Hot prospects.


Use the All prospects if you want to send you campaign to every prospect. You can also use this option to send a campaign only to people with the status “Prospect” this can be selected from the filter options. Select Show Filters, this opens the options available under the “Personal” category. Below this is the “Office” tab which opens the options available under the Office category and which includes “Contact type” “Source type” “Joining Reason” and “Category”. Under the “Category” list you can select Prospects.


Once you have completed the selections you can review the list in the inbox in the top right corner of the ClubWise screen under notifications > reports.


Once you are satisfied with the selection return to campaign manager to send a “Test” to yourself or a colleague to ensure that the campaign appears as you want it to before selecting “Send” to make it live. Once the campaign has been sent you can review the results in Inbox > notifications > campaigns.



For further information or if you need any help please contact support on 01844 348 300.


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