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A guide to measuring class and bookings utilisation

How to measure you class and bookings utilisation


Classes are a great retention tool as members form relationships with other members, make friends and create support mechanisms. Members are less likely to make excuses not to attend the gym if they have committed to go with a friend. Classes are also a great way to ensure that your members get some expert coaching from your specialist instructors, so they recognise the value of attending a professional club.


If you run classes it’s important to ensure that they are being well attended for all of the reasons above, but also because studio time and instructor costs come at a premium so you want to be sure that you are making the most of your valuable resources.


The New Year is a great time to promote your classes and activities whilst both new and current members look for new ways to meet their commitments to health and fitness.


You want to make sure that your studio is well utilised and that your time table includes more of your most popular classes. This can be reviewed in ClubWise Dashboard.


Don’t forget to use Campaign Manager to promote your new time table and encourage members to use the Member App to easily manage bookings from their mobile devices.


To view the attendance for your classes or indeed any activity in bookings or the diary go to the Back > Dashboard > Bookings to open a summary page. Using the drop down menus (the windows with the magnifying glass) you can select the type of report that you want to view and a selection of criteria (Activity, Instructor, Area, Day of week or Start time). These criteria can be reported on for Classes, Diary bookings, Interval (squash court booking) or All and for a variety of periods from single days to the last 12 months. When the criteria have been selected, click on ‘Run report’.


Step 1 Dashboard>Booking

Step 1 V2


Step 2 Use drop down menus to select Activity, Instructor, Area, Day of week or Start time.

Step 2 V2


Step 3 When the criteria have been selected, click on ‘Run report

Step 3


Once the report has run, you can view the summary data for utilisation, capacity, show%, attendance and cancellations. As with all reports on the Dashboard you can access more detailed information by clicking on any of the individual lines that appear in blue (roll the cursor over a description and if it underlines you can click on it to ‘drill down’).


You can also use this reporting tool to measure the utilisation of any Diary bookings by selecting the criteria Summary / Activity / Diary and the period that you want to view.


For more information or help please contact the friendly team on 01844 348 300.


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