The Clubwise Story

The ClubWise Story

clubwise, management, direct debit, debit collection, direct debit collection

Freedom to focus on what matters most: your members
Who would ever come into the health and fitness industry with a burning desire to slim down office administration or overhaul accounts receivable? There’s no doubting how important these backroom functions are for the ongoing operation of any business, but there’s a more important purpose to the work you do. Our clients literally change millions of their customers’ lives. They’re unlocking potential, they’re building personal confidence and they’re making dreams come true. So how does ClubWise help you focus on what matters most – your customers?
We’re a small, fast-growing business with a personal touch. ClubWise has been developed by people who’ve spent decades in the industry and who understand exactly the day-to-day challenges faced by club owners. Everything we do boils down to a few simple principles: understanding what our customers need, focusing only on what truly matters, keeping everything simple and helping our customers succeed commercially. These principles are what have driven the development of the ClubWise platform over the past 10 years.
clubwise, management, direct debit, debit collection, direct debit collection
Today, ClubWise is a powerful, integrated suite of services that form the backbone to any club. Our client base ranges from the passionate owner-manager with one club through to well-known franchisors, facilities management companies and hotels. We’re trusted to provide both the technical capability and the operational know-how needed to make these businesses survive and grow.
clubwise, management, direct debit, debit collection, direct debit collection
One of the foundation stones of the ClubWise platform is our direct debit facilities management service status and, as a BACS approved bureau, we collect monthly from club members on behalf of our customers in a controlled, safe and trusted fashion. Our philosophy is not just to focus on recovering arrears, but to help drive your member retention, strengthen your brand value, support members’ contractual obligations and ultimately optimise your cashflow.
clubwise, management, direct debit, debit collection, direct debit collection
In addition to direct debit collection, ClubWise provides the operational service to keep your club working perfectly on a day-to-day basis – everything from membership sign-up, class and instructor booking, access management, staff utilisation and member monitoring. Furthermore, we’re mindful of your sales pipeline so we have built several marketing tools, such as Member Rewards and Campaign Manager, to help you retain customers and grow membership. All of these services are combined into the single, integrated ClubWise platform.
Over 500 clubs worldwide rely on ClubWise – but we’re not sitting on our laurels! Expect many more new and innovative products and services to emerge over coming months to help your business grow and, rest assured, we are continually striving to make the platform better and better.
We came into the industry with a dream: to make things like office administration, accounts receivable and many more tasks besides as simple and easy as possible for the health and fitness industry. By making this our central task, it frees you up to concentrate on your members. ClubWise exists to ensure your club is a great club.