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As a ClubWise customer, you will be enjoying the successful management of your fitness business, along with substantial time and cost savings. Retention figures have improved, memberships are being sold and member engagement levels continue to rise.

Now it’s time to take your fitness
business to the next level with Fitsense

What is FitSense?

The FitSense app has been developed in line with the latest psychological research. It is designed to satisfy your Members emotional drivers and stimulate a healthy obsession with getting fit, your facility and your club’s community, whilst opening up a brand new revenue stream for your fitness business.

FitSense offers superior functionality which enables you to experience member engagement levels like never before, increased retention and referrals, a strong and happy gym community and above all else, FitSense will help to convert your members into regular, habitual gym users.

FitSense is a state of being. It’s an immersed state of
mind when you’re feeling at your best.

You have an important sense of purpose in your
endeavour and can see you are achieving results.

You don’t want to be anywhere else in
body or in mind…

With FitSense, these are your members.
This is your club.

How does FitSense work?

FitSense understands your Members and taps into the emotional reasons they may leave a gym. A person may join the gym for many reasons, but failure to satisfy the key emotional drivers will result in poor retention figures. Most think motivation to exercise is down to willpower, but research suggests we need to meet these emotional needs to maintain the habit. If key factors are put in place in order to meet those needs, then your members are more likely become habitual gym users.

Emotional drivers include:


Developing healthy obsessions

Psychologist Jeremy Dean, states that on average, it takes 88 days to form a habit based on scientific research. So essentially, if you can help your member to form an enjoyable gym habit in 12 weeks, they are much more likely to become a regular for years to come.


FitSense’s catalogue of superior features have been included to ensure each key emotional driver is satisfied, providing maximum opportunity to stimulate a habit.

FullFitSense Features

  • Set fun and rewarding member challenges
  • Set frequent small realistic goals, so results can be seen quickly
  • Ability for members to share challenges
  • Enhanced social element with engaging feed, to encourage relationship building among your members, your gym, your trainers and you
  • Adds a fun competitive element
  • Creates a sense of belonging
  • Connects your members
  • Provides a platform in which to track and monitor progress
  • Push new workouts to your members to keep things fun and exciting
  • Allows your members to accumulate points to redeem against prizes and rewards
  • Provides a platform in which to send motivating messages, exercise and nutrition advice and support in a fun and engaging way
  • Provides your members with an educational element with the SixSense Workout and SixSense Nutrition feature.
  • Provide a platform in which to receive member feedback
  • Personalised with an interactive activity and social feed
  • Basic and customised workout plans suitable for all levels of fitness
  • A library of high quality HD exercise videos
  • Allows you to create personalised meal plans for your members
  • Session and class booking facility
  • Transformation programmes
  • Simple to use – user experience was at the fore front of the development process
  • Ability to log in with Facebook
  • Ability to integrate with Apple Health

How does FitSensework with ClubWise

ClubWise will be the vehicle for all your FitSense activity.

You will be able to send all communications directly to your members from here, including personalised messages, individual support and advice.

You are able to create promotions that can be pushed out to your members FitSense feed, as well as personalised workouts, meal plans, social event invitations and much more.

Through ClubWise, you will also have access to your member’s Fitsense Activity, including points accrued, challenges and usage.

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