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Improved customer zone

Head to the Customer Zone now to find brand new videos and an improved manual! The video section now includes How-To videos, providing operational hints and tips as well as showing the practical application of the system and how it works. You will also find updates to the manual, in terms of design, layout and


Active CRM

Have you started using the new Active CRM communications? This month has seen the redesign and re-vamping of our Active CRM communications.The new communications feature professionally copy written text alongside high quality stock images. Communications have been designed with a place holder for your clubs logo, this ensures your brand is always at the forefront. If


Version 8… The Story

The inspiration behind Version 8 was, quite simply, to provide an easier-to-use product. We based many of the improvements on customer feedback, the latest browser application technology and the emergence of tablet devices in the fitness/leisure club landscape. This, combined with the realisation that although we have continually added functionality and useful information, you, our

Version 8 is coming soon!

Our club management software has never been so versatile. Version 8 is the launch pad for a complete user interface overhaul, and expansion into the mobile arena. The clean flat design, the improved usability, flexibility, mobility and, fundamentally, the enhanced functionality makes for a truly superior and intuitive user experience.