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Referral programmes are a great way to utilise your club’s strongest asset, your members.   The power that word of mouth holds really is something that can’t be paralleled. A happy member is a great way to promote your club, plus it’s a totally free marketing and sales tool.   But that’s not to say large



Going out and about into the local community is the perfect way to get high-quality leads and prospects. For some, your presence may simply serve as a reminder of your facility, for others, it may prompt them to take action on a goal or ambition. Joining a gym may not have even been a consideration of


Top 10 Member Retention Tips

Member retention is a really important part of keeping your business healthy. Check out our top ten tips below.   Engage with your members Building strong relationships with your members is key to retention. Remember, a happy member is a loyal one.   In such a competitive marketplace members will have many other options aside


How can your top 20 members help improve your retention?

Managing member retention is not an exact science. An individual’s experience is influenced by numerous factors, from the quality of the equipment to the availability of parking.   A good retention strategy will include a wide variety of activities and initiatives that will appeal to different members at different times.   One motivational initiative, that


Using ClubWise Campaign Manager to maximise sales and retention

When you combine your prospect and member database with the flexibility of the campaign manager, the result is an effective tool to maximise sales and retention.   In your prospect database there will be hundreds of people who you spoke to, but who didn’t commit to joining at the time. People’s circumstances change quickly and

How Content Marketing Can Benefit Your Club

Consumers are bombarded with advertising and sales pitches in most aspects of their life, resulting in immunity to traditional marketing methods. They own DVRs to skip TV advertising, developed mental filtering to find their relevant content when visiting websites (ignoring online banners and buttons), and even the standard response to telemarketing is now either hanging up

Banner PR Guide

Free Guide to PR Success!

PR is an essential part of your club’s overall marketing mix. As an independent club you can’t always outspend the national chains, but in PR terms your local knowhow and media contacts can give you an advantage over the big boys!   This complete guide is designed to help you maximise the invaluable potential PR