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June Campaign

June campaign available now   Find your new campaign in campaign manager by searching ‘June referral’.   This months’ campaign encourages members to bring a friend along to your club. There is also an added incentive for the friend to join.   Encouraging your members to bring a friend along is a great idea. It


April campaign 2016

April campaign available now in your campaign manager module.   This month’s campaign offers a personal consultation and tailored workout plan to anyone that joins before the end of April.   You can find your new campaigns now, called:   ‘April Induction 1’ & ‘April Induction 2’   Don’t forget to add your social links


Ex-Member Campaign, March 2016

Ex- Member campaign available now.   This month’s campaign is targeted towards your ex-members. The email campaign offers your valued ex-members an exclusive deal, that applies for the month of March only. Adding a limited time scale on this offer will add a sense of urgency and generate a response.   Why target ex-members?  


Valentine’s Day campaign, February 2016

Valentine’s Day campaign available now in your campaign manager module.   The Valentine’s Day campaign 2016 features two emails, the first is aimed at your hot prospects and encourages them to join your club, the second is for current members and promotes your member referrals scheme.   You can find the two emails by searching ‘Valentines Prospect’ and ‘Valentines


End of year campaigns… Why? and How?

This campaign is specifically for use by clubs on 1st of the month billing cycle.    Every year we face the same old pre-Christmas lull. Everyone is bracing themselves for overspending, overindulgence, and overstressing. They can’t even begin to think about shoe-horning another activity into their already busy schedule, or parting with any more money.  


Halloween and Bonfire Night campaigns 2015

Campaigns available now in your campaign manager module!   The ClubWise Halloween campaign has two communications, one for members, focusing on member referrals and the other for prospects, focusing on a limited time joining offer.  Both emails feature a high-quality stock image with a spooky feel! The professionally written text features spaces for you to