Monthly Archives: March 2016


Top 10 Member Retention Tips

Member retention is a really important part of keeping your business healthy. Check out our top ten tips below.   Engage with your members Building strong relationships with your members is key to retention. Remember, a happy member is a loyal one.   In such a competitive marketplace members will have many other options aside


Content to share, March 2016

This month’s round-up of great content to share with your members including 8 great ways to use cauliflower, 16 bodyweight exercises and a comprehensive guide to squat techniques and benefits.   1. Chickpea thumbprint cookies. Intrigued? Check this great recipe out   2. A great metabolic conditioning circuit to challenge your whole body   3. Healthy


Ex-Member Campaign, March 2016

Ex- Member campaign available now.   This month’s campaign is targeted towards your ex-members. The email campaign offers your valued ex-members an exclusive deal, that applies for the month of March only. Adding a limited time scale on this offer will add a sense of urgency and generate a response.   Why target ex-members?